Artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees in large, small, with snow, LED, as a classic fir tree or in trendy white: realistic artificial Christmas trees that look like the real thing. We offer a particularly exclusive selection of decorative fir trees and alternative artificial Christmas trees, e.g. pine or cedar - of course in our proven, long-lasting quality.

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Artificial Christmas trees, or real ones?

More and more people are asking themselves the question: "Should I buy an artificial Christmas tree or a real one? It may be classically sung: "O fir tree, O fir tree, how green are your leaves!" but, as we all know, it is unfortunately different at Christmas time: the classic Christmas tree we buy at the stall or in the DIY store, whether fir, spruce or pine, loses its needles after only a few days and is then, unless you buy it with roots to replant it, simply thrown away. Sustainability is therefore one of the advantages of artificial Christmas trees.
An artificial Christmas tree is actually evergreen. Unless, of course, you choose a trendy artificial Christmas tree in white.
Artificial Christmas trees are particularly sustainable. No logging, no reserved areas in the forest for growing and breeding. Even loyal fans of the natural fir tree are changing their minds more and more: Artificial Christmas trees and fir trees are reusable and last for decades if stored well, i.e. dry and packed. In this way, these artificial trees contribute to a natural environment.
Artificial Christmas trees are easy on the wallet in the long term. Once purchased, decorated for many years. Whether it's a mini artificial fir tree in small, or an, the high quality at Homefinity guarantees a long shelf life.
So why cut down hundreds of thousands of fir and pine trees, even if they mostly come from renewable sources? There are certainly different opinions on this. For some, a Christmas without a real Christmas tree is unthinkable; for many people, an artificial Christmas tree is now the "eco-logical" choice.

Artificial Christmas trees: decoration ideas

Artificial Christmas trees, just like their real counterparts, only become truly perfect with a beautiful and loving Christmas decoration. The Christmas tree, whether artificial or real, is often decorated with very individual Christmas tree decorations - from opulent to minimalist - depending on personal preference.
Our decoration tips: Repeat the image of the Christmas tree elsewhere in the living room: as a Christmas tree plug. And Christmas tree baubles are too boring for you? Get really original, classy and glittery with our little works of art: snowflakes made of glass.
You can find more matching hangers, poinsettia plugs and Christmas decoration ideas in our online shop at: Christmas decoration

Where does the Christmas tree come from?

Already in the deepest Middle Ages, the branches of fir and pine, i.e. not yet a whole Christmas tree, were popular as decorations for the winter and Christmas season. The lush green of the fir branches promised life and fertility and was also supposed to protect against the winter spirits lurking outside the door.
A decorated tree was first mentioned in Freiburg in 1419 by a bakers' guild. However, the connection to Christmas is not clear. However, the decorating of the Christmas tree is the latest continuation of a custom that was historically documented in 1539 with the first Christmas tree erected on Christmas Eve in Strasbourg Cathedral.
The custom became better known during the times of Goethe and Schiller in the middle of the 18th century, also through its literary dissemination. Both wrote about the decorated tree at Christmas time. Friedrich Schiller on the occasion of his Christmas visit to his adored Lotte: "You will hopefully erect a green tree (note: Christmas tree) in my room." Source:
To this day, Christmas trees, artificial or real, especially fir trees, have remained an enchanting, festive Christmas decoration.






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