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Scandinavian decor conveys the typical flair of Nordic wooden houses and their cosy, nature-loving interiors. The so-called Skandi Deco is thus the Scandinavian counterpart to the English country house style. Discover selected and unusual Skandi decoration ideas for your living room - from simple ceramic candle holders to decorative sledges. 

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Scandinavian decoration for more "Hyggelig" style

Scandinavian decoration in accessories and furnishings stands for the now famous "hyggelig" feeling. The most common translations of hyggelik are: cosy, pleasant and homely. In the area of living and decoration, the term, which is well known in Denmark and Norway, has become an interior design trend, which also often moves us in the south to new decoration in Scandinavian style, especially in the cold season.
Natural materials such as wood, ceramics and natural fabrics characterise the so-called Scandinavian décor - the most popular colours, apart from the green of the decorative plants, are predominantly earth tones, which again underline the closeness to nature of the style.

Scandinavian decor - light and green

Many candles and illuminated decorative objects provide the right lighting conditions for Scandinavian décor: Candles for a cosy, warm white atmosphere and illuminated objects for indirect lighting. This does not mean that living rooms in Scandinavia are always bathed in dim light; bright light can also be pleasant and soothing in the dark season, but it should never be glaring.
Also popular in autumn and winter is decoration with lots of greenery: fir, pine and, in the course of sustainability and resource conservation, everlasting artificial plants. Preferably with artificial snow, because the Scandinavians have made their peace with the long winter, and especially at Christmas time they like to "green up" the living room with (artificial) trees and branches of the classic conifers.

Popular Skandi decoration ideas

Skandi Advent Wreath Ceramic
Christmas tree Skandi ceramic & wood
Deco house Skandi, illuminated
Skandi Deco Spruce with Snow

Scandinavian well-being - Be yourself!

If you think that typical Scandinavian decorations are all about cosiness, you're right - but "hyggelig" can mean different things to different people - personal taste counts more than trying to please your guests or parents. When choosing your decorations, the only thing that matters is the ambience in which you feel comfortable. Taking the Scandinavian countries as an example, even if it's only in your attitude to home furnishings, can't be completely wrong: the "hyggeligen" Danes and Norwegians as well as the other Scandinavians: Finns, Swedes and Icelanders are all to be found among the top 10 in the World Happiness Report 2022 - and that out of a total of 150 countries considered! Germany is in 14th place - perhaps partly because Scandinavian cosiness has been here for years.






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