Artificial tendrils

Artificial tendrilsartificial ivy and beautiful hanging plants, which are almost indistinguishable from real plants. Decorate evergreen classics, such as artificial ivy, or choose artificial tendrils and garlands with an exotic flair: e. g. jasmine garlands, artificial eucalyptus or an epiphyllumranke from Central America. We have an exclusive selection of high-quality artificial tendrils and hanging plants for you. Order cheaply directly in our Online Shop with free direct shipping starting from 39,- order value.

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Artificial ivy – the classic among the artificial tendrils

Hardly any artificial tendril or hanging plant is as popular as the ivy. Ivy is a classic European plant species that occurs from southern Sweden to the Bosphorus. We all know the ivy of romantically green fences, walls and facades in villages or old towns, of castles, castles and ruins. Artificial ivy is therefore particularly suitable for terraces, balconies, wherever masonry is visible, and in combination with a more rustic interior, e. g. in country house style. In low-light cellar rooms, the artificial ivy lends the ambience with its rich leaf green vitality and naturalness – especially if you are the lucky owner of a wine cellar, artificial ivy fits perfectly into the subject.

The Exotics – Artificial tendrils and garlands from Central America, Tasmania and Asia

Do you like it a little more unusual? Artificial ivy and the leaf-green classics among the artificial garlands are too common for you? Then we have some exotics for you in our assortment: Epiphyllumranke comes from the cactus family of Central America, Jasmingirland from the Himalayas, which enchants with its delicate white flowers, and Eucalyptusranke from Tasmania, an island off the southern tip of Australia, which with its arches pleated, almost heart-shaped leaves. In any case, these artificial tendrils and garlands are anything but ordinary hanging plants and give your green decoration an exotic touch.

Artificial tendrils & Garlands – Advantages at Homefinity

  • Artificial tendrils & Artificial garlands like real
  • Filigree-worked leaves, stems and flowers
  • High-quality, tested quality
  • Matching pots in the area Accessories
  • Easy to maintain - just dust off / wipe off / shower off
  • Cheap prices in the online shop (direct shipping)
  • Free shipping from € 40,-

As specialist in artificial flowers and artificial plants that look like real, we at homefinity present you a particularly large selection of artificial garlands, tendrils, ivy, artificial hanging plants, climbing tendrils and much more. But this is only a small part of our range: Just go on a journey of discovery! Other artificial plants and artificial flowers await you in our online shop: e. g. artificial grasses for decoration, artificial orchids and tulips, which are so realistic that even when you touch them, you cannot distinguish them from the original (recognizable by the Real Touch seal). Find artificial palms and cacti – or artificial trees, from magnolia to artificial Bonsais. Matching decorations, vases, flowerpots and selected accessories – from elegant to trendy Shabby Chic-Deko complete our offer.

Artificial tendrils  – by Homefinity






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